A Marked Difference

In many processes and industries, there is a need for the permanent marking of a serial number, part number, 2D data matrix code, QR code, logo or other product information. It should be impossible to remove the information - whether deliberately, by accident or through use. This can be required by law, safety regulations, internal rules of the industry concerned or because of accreditation. Sometimes, it can just make good business sense to have parts clearly, professionally and permanently marked.

Dot Peen/Scribe Markers

Dot peen/scribe marking machines use a driven marking pin to stamp (or peen) a series of very small, closely spaced dots to form straight or curved lines or to indent (scribe) the marking surface with continuous line characters or graphics.

Telesis Pin.JPG

Laser Markers

Laser marking leaves extremely precise, accurate and high-quality marks that are easily readable by the human eye and by machines too. The mark is durable and can be easily traced. It is a process that works extremely well with a range of materials. This is important, as many of the industries that it operates in don’t only use one type of material, or even one type of metal. Laser marking can work with materials such as metals, glass, plastics, ceramics and silicone.

Telesis laser_edited.jpg

Print & Apply Systems

Automated print and apply systems remove the manual application of labels. Printers print crisp, clean labels and then apply them automatically, to a variety of product packaging, cases, totes and pallets.


Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers create a print image by targeted shooting or deflection of small ink droplets through the air between printhead and print surface.

Inkjet printers offer the following advantages:

Contactless marking.
Changing print text without retrofitting.
Fast printing speed.
A wide range of different types of ink and special accessories allow inkjet printers to be used for virtually all applications in industry and on almost all materials.
Low cost printing: Inkjet printing may be a cost-effective alternative to labelling.

u2 diesel.jpg

Software Solutions

Software packages allows the easy creation and printing of marking information. Dynacode Systems is able to develop and provide customised software solutions for your marking needs and integration requirements.

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Project Integration

With a track record of successful project rollouts across various industries and applications, Dynacode Systems is able to provide project integration management for your marking projects.



A range of accessories such as Fume Extraction Systems and Vision Systems are also available to complement the operability of marking systems used.